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Thinking Real Estate?

Think Real Service! For a dependable, timely and accurate valuation estimates, Think C.A.Chizea/Co.

A Real Estate Property & Business Appraisal & Valuation firm, dedicated to client satisfaction.

A firm, positioned to help clients meet their real estate needs: for valuation, appraisal, buying, selling, renting or leasing.


An ESBRAVON/NIESV certified general Valuers and appraisal experts with the education, qualifications and experience to provide reliable real estate values, for a variety of real estate needs, that individuals, banks, financial institutions and governments require for decision making. “A” rated firm.

  • Valuation

    Individuals, organisations and government institutions require valuation and appraisal services for a number of reasons.

    We provide valuation for: Financial Reporting, Compensation for Damage / Spillage, Compulsory Acqusition, Insurance, Sales and Rental

  • Agency

    Selling ?
    We put your property on the market and get the best deal for it.

    Buying ?
    We help you find the best property without breaking your budget.

  • Development and Government Liaison

    Individuals and organisations interested in property development will find us to be a valuable partner.

    Services include: Joint Venture Structuring, Develoment Consulting, Feasibility Reporting, Project Management, Government Liaison for Statutory Approvals

  • Property Management

    Your property should generate income for you, constantly.

    Unfortunately, in our tough business environment your proceeds are often eroded.

    With our experience, network and know-how we bring in the right tenants, collect rents on your behalf, account for them and carry out maintainance activities on your property.



Our investment in technology, Inspectify and VDM software specially developed for us by our IT partners, ensures, faster turn times, lower costs, all to benefit our clients.

Growth and Experience

Founded in 1986 as business name, with 3 staff members, in an office on Opebi Ikeja, the firm after decades of servicing commercial banks, federal/state establishments corporate organizations

The firm in 2007, became a limited liability company with staff strength operating from 3 offices, abuja serving the Noah, Enugu, for east and Asaba for the south south all coordinated from the Lagos West base.

Why Us

Our technical expertise in valuation methodologies, knowledge of the market, our library of researched data base, an outcome of our real time qualifications, vast portfolio, means we meet a key component of reliable valuation requirement, fast and low cost delivery.

Our excellent customer service, client access and our responsiveness, ensures we deliver!